As the sun fills the sky 
               G#m7            C#7
And tomorrow turns into today 
                       F#m        B7
You are dreaming the morning away 
                     Em7       Bb7  A7
Are you dreaming of me? 
   D7M             E/D
Think of the night 
All the time for our love is so right 
  F#m7             Bm7
I want so much for you to be mine 
And the world will be ours 
As the sun fills the sky 
          G#m7                   C#7
I will order a breakast for two 
But my hunger in only for you  
         B7       Em7       Bb7  A7
Let me love you again
  D7M              E/D
Let's take some time 
There'll be nothing to take us outside 
 F#m                     Bm7
And there's nothing but you on my mind 
 E7         A7M
Only you in my heart
I don't believe 
There's a reason to go anywhere 
Why should I leave  
All I need is right here, here with you 
As the sun fills the sky 
                          G#m7            C#7
We're just letting our breakfast get cold 
But we must let the story be told 
        B7        Em7        Bb7  A7
If it takes the whole day 
  D7M       E/D
It's paradise 
                   C#m7              F#m7
I can see all my dreams in your eyes 
               Bm7                    E7
And tomorrow we'll watch the sunrise 
            A7M           G#m7  C#7  F#m7  B7  Em7  Bb7  A7
And have breakfast again
It's paradise 
E/D          C#m7
 I can see all my dreams in your eyes
 F#m7         Bm7
And tomorrow we'll watch the sunrise 
 E7          A7M
And have breakfast again 
 E7          A7M
And have breakfast again
 Bm7           E7     A7M
Nos lençóis macios, amantes se dão 
  C#7                            F#m7
Travesseiros soltos, roupas pelo chão 
            Bm7        E7        A7M
Braços que se abraçam, bocas que murmuram 
            C#7                       F#m  Bm7  E7  A7M
Palavras de amor, enquanto se procuram
|/custe-o-que-custar-guitarra-roberto-carlos|Custe o que custar|Roberto Carlos|/tmp/roberto-carlos.jpg?592 |/amanheceu-guitarra-roberto-carlos|Amanheceu|Roberto Carlos|/tmp/roberto-carlos.jpg?592 |/i-love-you-guitarra-roberto-carlos|I love you|Roberto Carlos|/tmp/roberto-carlos.jpg?592 |/do-outro-lado-da-cidade-guitarra-roberto-carlos|Do outro lado da cidade|Roberto Carlos|/tmp/roberto-carlos.jpg?592 |/a-partir-desse-instante-guitarra-roberto-carlos|A partir desse instante|Roberto Carlos|/tmp/roberto-carlos.jpg?592 |/a-primeira-vez-guitarra-roberto-carlos|A primeira vez|Roberto Carlos|/tmp/roberto-carlos.jpg?592 |/acalanto-guitarra-roberto-carlos|Acalanto|Roberto Carlos|/tmp/roberto-carlos.jpg?592 |/como-e-grande-o-meu-amor-por-voce-guitarra-roberto-carlos|Como é grande o meu amor por você|Roberto Carlos|/tmp/roberto-carlos.jpg?592 |/el-cuerpo-guitarra-roberto-carlos|El cuerpo|Roberto Carlos|/tmp/roberto-carlos.jpg?592 |/carnavalito-guitarra-roberto-carlos|Carnavalito|Roberto Carlos|/tmp/roberto-carlos.jpg?592 44
|/guitarra-tim-maia|Tim maia||/tmp/tim-maia.jpg?334 |/guitarra-bruno-e-marrone|Bruno e marrone||/tmp/bruno-e-marrone.jpg?905 |/guitarra-fagner|Fagner||/tmp/fagner.jpg?957 |/guitarra-zeze-di-camargo-e-luciano|Zezé di camargo e luciano||/tmp/zeze-di-camargo-e-luciano.png?865 |/guitarra-ze-ramalho|Zé ramalho||/tmp/ze-ramalho.jpg?260 |/guitarra-roupa-nova|Roupa nova||/tmp/roupa-nova.jpg?570 |/guitarra-fabio-jr|Fábio jr.||/tmp/fabio-jr.png?781 |/guitarra-caetano-veloso|Caetano veloso||/tmp/caetano-veloso.jpg?365 |/guitarra-djavan|Djavan||/tmp/djavan.jpg?190 |/guitarra-raul-seixas|Raul seixas||/tmp/raul-seixas.jpg 5