Gm                Cm         F
The buttons on the white blouse 
That you wore that night 
  Gm        Am D            Gm
Trying a bit shyly     To unbutton right
                 Cm     F            Bb
One by one they openned Far enough to see 
 Eb           Cm     D             Gm Eb Cm Gm
A little more of you That you gave to me 
         Cm            F      Bb
Lovers give themselves Always wanting more 
  Gm         Am D               Gm
Pillows in disorder Clothes upon the floor.. 
       Cm                F         B
I'm that one to hold And lips that need to touch 
  Gm            Eb  Cm              D Eb
Whispering the words That can mean so much 
                 Cm    F          Bb
Outside it was raining The raincoat on the wall 
 Gm                 Cm    D            Gm
Was watching every moment Never spoke at all 
                Cm         F          Bb
And that same white blouse That finally openned right 
 Eb        Cm    D
Fell into a corner and
                  Gm Eb Dm Gm Cm F Bb Gm Am D
Waited in the night 
 Gm      Cm     F                Bb
I'm that one to hold The lips that need to touch 
                Eb  Cm              D  D#
Whispering the words That can mean so much 
 G#m           C#m        F#      B        G#m
Outside it was raining The raincoat on the wall 
                A#m D#            G#m
Watching every moment Never spoke at all 
               C#m         F#            B        G#m
And that same white blouse That finally openned right 
      C#m         D#
Fell into a corner and 
               G#m  E
Waited in the night 
  F#           G#m  E
Waited in the night 
 F#            G#m
Waited in the night
Gm|[0,"5.9.19",0,""] Cm|[0,"1.5.16",0,""] F|[0,"4.6.8",0,""] Bb|[0,"9.11.19",0,""] Am|[0,"6.8.10",0,""] D|[0,"2.6.17",0,""] Eb|[0,"5.16.19",0,""] B|[0,"7.21.22",0,""] Dm|[0,"2.4.6",0,""] D#|[0,"5.16.19",0,""] G#m|[0,"7.18.21",0,""] C#m|[0,"3.15.18",0,""] F#|[0,"17.19.20",0,""] A#m|[0,"11.19.20",0,""] E|[0,"3.7.18",0,""]
120150200-km-por-hora-teclado-roberto-carlos|120...150...200 km por hora|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-atriz-teclado-roberto-carlos|A atriz|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-che-serve-volare-teclado-roberto-carlos|A che serve volare|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-cigana-teclado-roberto-carlos|A cigana|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-deusa-da-minha-rua-teclado-roberto-carlos|A deusa da minha rua|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-distancia-teclado-roberto-carlos|A distância|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-estacao-teclado-roberto-carlos|A estação|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-garota-do-baile-teclado-roberto-carlos|A garota do baile|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-guerra-dos-meninos-teclado-roberto-carlos|A guerra dos meninos|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-ilha-teclado-roberto-carlos|A ilha|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-janela-teclado-roberto-carlos|A-janela|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-menina-e-o-poeta-teclado-roberto-carlos|A menina e o poeta|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-montanha-teclado-roberto-carlos|A montanha|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-mulher-que-eu-amo-teclado-roberto-carlos|A mulher que eu amo|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-namorada-teclado-roberto-carlos|A namorada|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg 447
teclado-tim-maia|Tim Maia|tim-maia.jpg teclado-bruno-e-marrone|Bruno e Marrone|bruno-e-marrone.jpg teclado-fagner|Fagner|fagner.jpg teclado-zeze-di-camargo-e-luciano|Zezé Di Camargo e Luciano|zeze-di-camargo-e-luciano.jpg teclado-ze-ramalho|Zé Ramalho|ze-ramalho.jpg teclado-caetano-veloso|Caetano Veloso|caetano-veloso.jpg?92 teclado-roupa-nova|Roupa Nova|roupa-nova.jpg teclado-fabio-jr|Fábio Jr.|fabio-jr.jpg teclado-djavan|Djavan|djavan.jpg teclado-raul-seixas|Raul Seixas|raul-seixas.jpg teclado-jorge-e-mateus|Jorge e Mateus|jorge-e-mateus.jpg?7 teclado-erasmo-carlos|Erasmo Carlos|erasmo-carlos.jpg teclado-amado-batista|Amado Batista|amado-batista.jpg teclado-legiao-urbana|Legião Urbana|legiao-urbana.jpg teclado-catolicas|Católicas|catolicas.jpg 50