capo na 10a casa

Intro: C / D / C / D

C       D
I'm leaving you

C         D
I'm not sure if that's what I should do  

C       D
It hurts so bad

C       D
I'm wanting you but cant go back  

C     D
Trying to find, to find

C            D
That all elusive piece of mind  

C        D
Stuck here somehow

C      D
Shrouded beneath my fear  

    Em     D    C
And now and I don't need it  

        G                D  
Cuz I'm walkin down this road alone

    Em             C            G
and figured all I'm thinking bout is you,  

   D    Em   C
is you my  love

       G            D                 Em               C
And my head is in a cloud of rain and the world it seems so far away

    G        D      Em      C
and i'm just waiting for  The droplets, droplets  

You left a mark  
I wear it proudly on my chest  
Above my heart Above my heart
To Remind me that I feel the best  
When I'm with you When I'm with you  
To me everything is effortless  
You know its true  
My eyes are painted with regret and I don't need it  

    C          Em    C   G
and sink into your tears  

D              Em            C     G               D 
You are like the raindrops, the raindrops falling down on me  

C / D / C / D
You left a mark  
She left a mark
She left  

Em / D / G / G
And I don't  Need it

Teclado Colbie Caillat

{"data":[[null,"\/battle-teclado-colbie-caillat","Battle","Colbie Caillat","\/tmp\/colbie-caillat.jpg"],[null,"\/before-i-let-you-go-teclado-colbie-caillat","Before i let you go","Colbie Caillat","\/tmp\/colbie-caillat.jpg"],[null,"\/begin-again-teclado-colbie-caillat","Begin again","Colbie Caillat","\/tmp\/colbie-caillat.jpg"],[null,"\/blaze-teclado-colbie-caillat","Blaze","Colbie Caillat","\/tmp\/colbie-caillat.jpg"],[null,"\/breakin-at-the-cracks-teclado-colbie-caillat","Breakin' at the cracks","Colbie Caillat","\/tmp\/colbie-caillat.jpg"],[null,"\/breakthrough-teclado-colbie-caillat","Breakthrough","Colbie Caillat","\/tmp\/colbie-caillat.jpg"],[null,"\/breathe-teclado-colbie-caillat","Breathe","Colbie Caillat","\/tmp\/colbie-caillat.jpg"],[null,"\/brighter-than-the-sun-teclado-colbie-caillat","Brighter than the sun","Colbie Caillat","\/tmp\/colbie-caillat.jpg"],[null,"\/bubbly-teclado-colbie-caillat","Bubbly","Colbie Caillat","\/tmp\/colbie-caillat.jpg"],[null,"\/capri-teclado-colbie-caillat","Capri","Colbie Caillat","\/tmp\/colbie-caillat.jpg"]],"pag":1,"limit":10,"last":7,"total":10}


{"data":[[null,"\/teclado-jason-mraz","Jason mraz",null,"\/tmp\/jason-mraz.jpg"],[null,"\/teclado-bruno-mars","Bruno mars",null,"\/tmp\/bruno-mars.jpg"],[null,"\/teclado-ed-sheeran","Ed sheeran",null,"\/tmp\/ed-sheeran.jpg"],[null,"\/teclado-rebeldes","Rebeldes",null,"\/tmp\/rebeldes.jpg"],[null,"\/teclado-taylor-swift","Taylor swift",null,"\/tmp\/taylor-swift.jpg"],[null,"\/teclado-justin-bieber","Justin bieber",null,"\/tmp\/justin-bieber.jpg"],[null,"\/teclado-glee","Glee",null,"\/tmp\/glee.png"],[null,"\/teclado-lana-del-rey","Lana del rey",null,"\/tmp\/lana-del-rey.jpg"],[null,"\/teclado-elvis-presley","Elvis presley",null,"\/tmp\/elvis-presley.jpg"],[null,"\/teclado-moradda","Moradda",null,"\/tmp\/moradda.jpg"]],"pag":1,"limit":10,"last":2,"total":10}