Paula Fernandes
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(capo 2ª casa) (intro) Am Am Heaven bent to take my hand F C And lead me through the fire G Am Be the long awaited answer F C To a long and painful fight Am Truth be told I've tried my best F C But somewhere along the way Am Em F I got caught up in all there was to offer Am Em F And the cost was so much more than I could bear Dm F Though I've tried, I've fallen... C G I have sunk so low Dm F I have messed up C G Better I should know Dm F So don't come round here C G D F E E7 And tell me I told you so... Am We all begin with good intent F C Love was raw and young G Am We believed that we could change ourselves F C The past could be undone Am But we carry on our backs the burden F C Time always reveals G Am The lonely light of morning D F The wound that would not heal Dm F C It's the bitter taste of losing everything G Dm C G Dm That I have held so dear I fallen? tell me I told you so... C G F E E7 No oh oh oh (refrão) Am Heaven bent to take my hand F C At Nowhere left to turn G Am I'm lost to those I thought were friends F C To everyone I know Am Oh they turned their heads embarrassed F C Pretend that they don't see Am But it's one missed step Em F You'll slip before you know it Am Em F And there doesn't seem a way to be redeemed (refrão)