hold on

hold on

Intro: Am  F  C  G

Am              F                C               G
   I'm feeling further, feeling further from you everyday
Am                 F             C               G
   You're in the stars, in the stars, yeah your worlds away
Am            F          C          G
   I'm moving on, moving on then I hear you say
 Am  F    C   G
Hold on, hold on

Am               F             C                 G
   We're losing light, losing light, yeah we're fading fast
Am           F             C             G
   We had a fire, need a spark or we'll never last 
Am               F           C             G
   Just look at me, look at me, I've been burning for you
Am  F     C  G   F
So long, so long   I should walk away, eeh eeh eeh eeh


 Am    F     C    G
(Oh-oh oh-oh)  I look at you and
 Am    F     C   G
(Oh-oh oh-oh) I get the feeling
 Am    F     C    G                 Am   F    C   G
(Oh-oh oh-oh) I think that I should hold on, hold on     (2x)

Am             F            C          G
   I'm losing love, losing you, losing everything
Am         F            C             G
   Losing faith in the world where I wanna be
Am             F          C                 G
   So I don't care if the one thing that's killing me
   Am   F     C   G   F
Is so wrong, so wrong   I should walk away, eeh eeh eeh eeh


Am  F  C  G)
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh
Am  F         C                G
       And I can't stop this feeling
Am  F         C                G
       And I can't stop this feeling


Guitarra Colbie Caillat

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