never getting over you

never getting over you

Intro: C  G  Am  G

C                         G
   You want the end to be easier than the start
Am                 G
   I was a hopeful heart that you shattered apart
C                    G
   You wanna say goodbye and disappear
Am                           G
   Don't wanna watch when I break down into tears

C                           G
   I won't try to make you stay
                     Am         G
I won't even try to change your mind


              F                     C                     G  Am
Take a good look at the pain in my face before you walk away
 G   F                      C               G
Memorize all the hurt in my eyes or what I say
           Am                               F
I'm gonna give you what you wanted but my heart will never stop
 C                            G
Tell you that I'm fine even though I'm not
               F                        C             G
You're gonna know for the rest of your life this is true
                        F  C  G
I'm never getting over you,  you
     Am           G     F  C  G
I'm never getting over you,  you

C                         G
   I won't pretend that I won't find someone else
Am                         G
   You'll be a closed book sitting there on the shelf
C                    G
   I'll never have to open it again
Am                          G
   To know the pages of the words of what could have been

C                           G
   I know where you're gonna be 
                          Am                    G
Where you're always gonna be right in front of me


         Am                        G          C      C     F
I can't stop, look for me and you can't stop me from loving you


                        F  C  G  Am  G  F
I'm never getting over you,  you
(Not over you, not over you, not over you)...

Teclado Colbie Caillat

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