Paula Fernandes
Ode to my family
Salvar em...
C Tchu tchuru tchu Am Tchu tchuru tchu Em Tchu tchuru tchu F G Tchu tchuru tchu (2x) ( C Am Em F G ) C Am Em Understand the things I say, F G Don't turn away from me C Am Em 'Cause I spent half my life out there F G You wouldn't disagree C Am D'you see me, d'you see Em F G Do you like me, do you like me standing there C Am D'you notice, d'you know Em F Do you see me, do you see me G Does anyone care C Am Em Unhappiness, where's when I was young F G And we didn't give a damn C Am Cause you were raised Em F G To see life as fun and take it if we can C Am Em My mother, my mother she hold me, F G Did she hold me when I was out there C Am Em My father, my father, he liked me F G Oh he liked me, does anyone care C Am Em Understand what I've become, F G It wasn't my design C Am And people everywhere think Em F G Something better than I am, C Am But I miss you. I miss Em F 'Cause I liked it, cause I liked it G When I was out there C Am D'you know this, d'you know Em F You did not find me, you did not find G Does anyone care