Capo Intro: D G A G

I came apart inside a world
Made of angry people
I found a boy who had a dream
Makin' everyone smileHe was sunshine
I fell over my feet like bricks under water 
G A G A 
How am I supposed to tell you how I feel, I need oxygen 
D A 
Oh baby if I was your lady 
I would make you happy  
I'm never gonna leave, never gonna leave
Oh baby I will be your lady, I am goin' crazy, for you

And so I found a state of mind
Where I could be speechless
I had to try it for a while to figure out this feelin'
This felt so right, pulled me upside down
To a place, where you've been waiting 

G A G A 
And you dont wanna keep me waitin' 
Starin' at my fingers, feelin' like a fool 
So tell me what you want baby tell me what you need, 
Anything I ask baby give it to me, baby give it to me give it to me.
|/midnight-bottle-simplificada-colbie-caillat|Midnight bottle|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/bubbly-simplificada-colbie-caillat|Bubbly|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/droplets-simplificada-colbie-caillat|Droplets|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/fallin-for-you-simplificada-colbie-caillat|Fallin' for you|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/i-do-simplificada-colbie-caillat|I do|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/i-never-told-you-simplificada-colbie-caillat|I never told you|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/try-simplificada-colbie-caillat|Try|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/breathe-simplificada-colbie-caillat|Breathe|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/never-gonna-let-you-down-simplificada-colbie-caillat|Never gonna let you down|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/realize-simplificada-colbie-caillat|Realize|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 7
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