Tailor made
Capo on 7th Fret 

All of these mixed emotions, 
G             D 
Tangled up in pure confusion, 
Em                         C 
It's hard to let go of the past, but it seems, 
G                 C 
Easier as time is moving, 
Em                         C 
Well you said he makes you laugh, 
Em               C 
And he makes you happy, 
Em                  C 
He sees you smiling back, 
Em         C           D 
It is everlasting, 

And so he's tailor made for you, 
With stunning golden hues, 
And one sweet tone to soothe, 
Your persistent beating heart it's just a start, 
G                         D 
And I, have seen you everyday, 
You've never been like this before, 
            C                    G 
He's tailor made, tailor, tailor made,

Em                     C 
So let go all of these mixed emotions, 
G               D 
Forget all your hesitations, 
Together entwined inside this feeling, 
G                               D 
Feet off the ground, head hits ceiling, 
Em                        C 
Then he whispered in your ear, 
Em                 C 
He's absolutely falling, 
Em                    C 
The words he said are clear, 
Em                  C               D 
So don't insist on stalling 


   Em                C 
Oh sister, don't be troubled, 
   Em                 C 
Oh sister, please be calm, 
           Em                 C 
Cause this isn't, what you're used to, at all, 

|/midnight-bottle-teclado-colbie-caillat|Midnight bottle|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/bubbly-teclado-colbie-caillat|Bubbly|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/droplets-teclado-colbie-caillat|Droplets|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/fallin-for-you-teclado-colbie-caillat|Fallin' for you|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/i-do-teclado-colbie-caillat|I do|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/i-never-told-you-teclado-colbie-caillat|I never told you|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/try-teclado-colbie-caillat|Try|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/breathe-teclado-colbie-caillat|Breathe|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/never-gonna-let-you-down-teclado-colbie-caillat|Never gonna let you down|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 |/realize-teclado-colbie-caillat|Realize|Colbie Caillat|/tmp/colbie-caillat.jpg?24 7
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