Charlie Brown Jr.
Together on the sand
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(Original de NOFX) Intro: E|------14--12-----12-10------10--8----9--| B|------12---------10---------8--------7--| G|------12---------10---------8--------7--| dexa soa o final do solo depois começa a base Together on the sand Sugestão: Na passagem C#m - Bm se for feita com uma toque no C (C#m - Cm - Bm)*,fica bem melhor e original! Depois: acordes: A C#m *(Cm-Bm) Dm-C#m (e sem pre a mesma base) Together on the sand we walked hand in hand On the beachfront, she smiled at me As she tightly held my hand I had my finger up her... Country music played on the radio So I turned it off and we walked down To the water, as she grabbed on to my honker A wave swept us away (Bm C#m )3x oh oh oh oh oh oh