> for the intro simply play this on the G string:
> g|---777779 play it a few time and move to the next intro:
> it sounds much better with the basses so I tabbed them as well
> (try to play both chords and basses)
> E5     A5
> g x----2
> d 2----2
> a 2--020
> e 003---
> play this 4 times and then move to the verse, where it says E5 a%5
> try to fit the basses like in the intro.
> Verse:
> E5             A5
>      All your dreams are made
>              A5
> When you're chained to your mirror with your razor blade
> E5                   A5                  A5   C
> Today's the day that all the world will see
> E5                     A5
> Another sunny aftternoon
> E5                            A5
> walking to the sound of your favourite tune
> E5                           A5                A5  C
> Tommorrow never knows what it doesnt know too soon
> bridge:
> D                     C
> Need a little time to wake up
> D                     C
> Need a little time to wake up wake up
> D                     C
> Need a little time to wake up
> D
> Need a little time to rest your mind
> B
> You know you should so I guess you might as
> chorus:
> E5   A5
> Well
> A5               C
> whats the story morning glory
> E5  A5
> well
> A5                         C
> you need a little time to wake up wake up
> E5  A5
> well
> A5               C
> whats the story morning glory
> E5 A5
> well
> A5                    C5
> Need a little time to wake up wake up
E5|,2232,123|,324455,345|7,213343,234|9,415464,456|12,112333,123|14,314354,345|19,213343,234 A5|,425565,456|12,213343,234|14,415464,456|17,112333,123|19,314354,345 C|,233251,23456|3,334353,23456|,23325163,23456|8,233342|5,142364|5,142354,12345|12,243341515261,23456|15,334353,23456|20,233342|10,31435463,3456|17,142364|17,142354,12345 D|,425362,3456|,253442525362,23456|5,334353,23456|10,233342|7,142364|7,142354,12345|14,243341515261,23456|17,334353,23456|12,31435463,3456|19,142364|19,142354,12345 B|2,334353,23456|7,233342|4,142364|4,142354,12345|11,243341515261,23456|14,334353,23456|9,31435463,3456|19,233342|16,142364|16,142354,12345 C5|3,213343,234|5,415464,456|8,112333,123|10,314354,345|15,213343,234|17,415464,456|20,112333,123
|/just-getting-older-cifra-oasis|Just getting older|Oasis|oasis.jpg |/carnation-cifra-oasis|Carnation|Oasis|oasis.jpg |/wonderwall-cifra-oasis|Wonderwall|Oasis|oasis.jpg |/to-be-someone-cifra-oasis|To be someone|Oasis|oasis.jpg |/take-me-away-cifra-oasis|Take me away|Oasis|oasis.jpg |/dont-look-back-in-anger-cifra-oasis|Don't look back in anger|Oasis|oasis.jpg |/thank-you-for-the-good-times-cifra-oasis|Thank you for the good times|Oasis|oasis.jpg |/headshrinker-cifra-oasis|Headshrinker|Oasis|oasis.jpg |/shout-it-out-loud-cifra-oasis|Shout it out loud|Oasis|oasis.jpg |/bag-it-up-cifra-oasis|Bag it up|Oasis|oasis.jpg |/cigarettes-in-hell-cifra-oasis|Cigarettes in hell|Oasis|oasis.jpg |/stand-by-me-cifra-oasis|Stand by me|Oasis|oasis.jpg |/heroes-cifra-oasis|Heroes|Oasis|oasis.jpg |/dont-go-away-cifra-oasis|Don't go away|Oasis|oasis.jpg |/stop-crying-your-heart-out-cifra-oasis|Stop crying your heart out|Oasis|oasis.jpg 13
|/cifras-the-beatles|The Beatles||the-beatles.jpg |/cifras-coldplay|Coldplay||coldplay.jpg |/cifras-nirvana|Nirvana||nirvana.jpg |/cifras-red-hot-chili-peppers|Red Hot Chili Peppers||red-hot-chili-peppers.jpg |/cifras-john-lennon|John Lennon||john-lennon.jpg |/cifras-ed-sheeran|Ed Sheeran||ed-sheeran.jpg |/cifras-pearl-jam|Pearl Jam||pearl-jam.jpg |/cifras-maroon-5|Maroon 5||maroon-5.jpg |/cifras-adele|Adele||adele.jpg |/cifras-elvis-presley|Elvis Presley||elvis-presley.jpg |/cifras-noel-gallagher|Noel Gallagher||noel-gallagher.jpg |/cifras-queen|Queen||queen.jpg |/cifras-justin-bieber|Justin Bieber||justin-bieber.jpg |/cifras-pink-floyd|Pink Floyd||pink-floyd.jpg |/cifras-green-day|Green Day||green-day.jpg 4